"“All Clients Deserve Ethical, Professional, Excellent Service, Which We Strive for Every Day.”"
– Timothy M. Sullivan, Esq.

Industries Served


Regardless of your industry it is likely that you will need collections services and/or creditor rights protection at some point.  If you have delinquent accounts, we would like to help and put our specialized collection methodology to work resulting in lower default rates for you.

Each industry possesses its own set of special requirements and needs. For example, our higher education or healthcare clients have compliance concerns that might not apply to our manufacturing or retail clients. HS Financial Group is knowledgeable in each industry’s regulatory mandates, and stays current on a host of industry trends and nuances. With our proven know-how and expertise we will work tirelessly to represent your organization as if it was our own. 

Some of the markets we serve include:

  • Higher Education

HS Financial Group understands that your students are your primary focus. We also know that you need to recover your outstanding receivables and maintain your bottom line in order to continue to provide the best educational experiences possible. That is why we will strive to represent your school with a passion that is second-to-none. We will communicate with your students with respect and empathy, and will work with them to provide options and find sustainable solutions to meet their obligations to you.

HS Financial Group is a subcontractor on the Education Department's delinquent federal student loan contract.  In that role we collect a variety of defaulted student loans, including Stafford, FFEL, Parent PLUS, and Pell Grant overpayments.  In addition, HS Financial Group and its related law office represent many higher education institutions across the country in collection matters.

  •  Governmental

A growing population, regulatory compliance directives, funding shortfalls, economic uncertainty … these are some of the many challenges facing governmental agencies today. HS Financial Group is experienced in collecting debts owed to government entities. Our areas of specialization include: Taxes; Child support; Court fines and fees and Municipal debts.

  •  Financial and Retail

An uncertain economy and growing default rates make it difficult to attract new customers and keep existing ones current on their obligations to you. Our services are designed to keep your customer base stable and growing while liquidating your overdue accounts. HS Financial provides accounts receivable management solutions to businesses of all sizes and types. Our services consistently yield successful recovery rates for companies just like yours, and our approach to communicating with your customers is always based on our core values: professionalism, ethics, and excellence. Areas of specialty include:   Consumer credit card; Installment loans; Auto loans; Mortgage deficiencies and other retail accounts.

  •  Business to Business

HS Financial Group helps our commercial clients improve cash flow and reduce the time and financial expense required to recover their receivables. We understand that you may have long-term relationships with the businesses we are contacting to recover outstanding debt, and our approach to communications with these entities is always respectful and professional. Our affiliated company, the Law Offices of Timothy M. Sullivan, is also available to provide legal collection services when appropriate.

  • First Party Outsourcing

We recognize that many of our clients’ staff members may not have the time, experience or training to pursue delinquent accounts. To address that issue we offer a comprehensive First Party Receivables Management Outsourcing program. In this program we can step in earlier in the process to complement your internal staff and take over in a more proactive manner to handle your receivables – saving you time and money.

As your partner we will work with you to develop a custom-tailored Collection Solution program with agreed to First Party policies and procedures. This strategic alignment coordinates collection service activities in a manner that is designed to streamline your internal efforts. In the First Party program all contact to your accounts by our customer service and accounts receivable specialists will take place, not as a third party collection agency, but as representatives of your organization and in your name. This approach results in a higher number of customer contacts resulting in better collections and improved customer satisfaction.

  •  Debt Buying

HS Financial Group is an industry leader in the purchase and collection of secured, unsecured, and distressed debt. Our inventory consists of a wide array of consumer and commercial credit accounts, including credit card, business and personal loan, retail, auto, and mortgage receivables. HS Financial Group purchases from several banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions.  We also purchase from resellers and through brokers.

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