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– Timothy M. Sullivan, Esq.

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HS Financial Group Announces NVBDC & NaVOBA Certification

Feb 13, 2018

HS Financial Group, an Ohio based collection agency, is honored to be certified through the National Veteran Business Development Council (NVBDC) and National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA) as a Veteran-Owned Business.

Both NVBDC and NaVOBA have a mission to support Veteran-Owned businesses.  NVBDC’s main objective is to provide a credible certifying authority to validate the documentation of a business’ Veteran ownership. They are the only, non-profit, third party Veteran-Owned Business Certification program in the United States. NaVOBA, also a non-profit organization, promotes opportunities for veterans through certification, advocacy, outreach, and education.  NaVOBA’s goal is to connect organizations with Veteran-Owned businesses in order to fulfill their supplier diversity requirements.

The certification processes included the submission of company data, documentation of the veteran, and a site-visit.  Both processes required in-depth knowledge of the background of the company, as well as, our owner Timothy M. Sullivan who honorably served as a part of the U.S. Navy JAG, in the beginning of his career.

These certifications were an important process to HS Financial Group because it allows us to showcase our abilities and allows clients to be confident in our role of fulfilling supplier diversity goals. HS Financial Group can proudly say we have successfully received our Veteran-Owned Small Business Certification through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, our Veteran’s Business Enterprise (VBE) Certification through NVBDC, and our VBE Certification through NaVOBA. These certifications are admirable accomplishments that have the ability to open the doors of future opportunities.   

Our owner, Timothy M. Sullivan, is proud to be a part of NVBDC and NaVOBA to help support the promoting and hiring of veterans due to the strong work ethics, described below, instilled in our country’s military. 

"The military teaches discipline, structure, systems and leadership, all of which translated seamlessly into running our business. It also reinforced my intense work ethic, strong decision-making skills and dedication to always aim for exemplary performance." --- Timothy M. Sullivan, Esq.

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